About Topwater Sportfishing

Topwater Sportfishing pride ourselves in offering the very best Great Barrier Reef fishing experience. With years of experience on the reef and on different operations to back us, we differ ourselves from other charters by being one of only a few that offer such a diverse array of fishing for all levels of anglers. We carry the best gear aboard our boat as well as plenty of knowledge and good food to make a day out with us one you will never forget.

Having a boat with live-aboard capabilities allows you to be quiet literally, fishing meters away from your bedroom. Live aboard trips are the best way to completely experience what our reefs have to offer. Being a smaller sport fisher boat means we have a shallow draft, to allow us to get up onto the flats, yet still big enough to get out to the outer reef, chasing giant black marlin. 


We chose our slogan 'next Generation', because we are all about conserving our wonderful play ground we call, The Great Barrier Reef. At Topwater Sportfishing we do our part for the future of our industry and the wellbeing of our ocean and the species within it by practising catch and release and using circle hooks on our billfish, along with more great eco footprint practices. 

The fishing tackle we use is the best in the business, Penn international's and Shimano Talica's for our trolling gear. Shimano Stella's and Jigging Master's for our casting gear and CATCH fishing tackle proudly look after us with the very best jigs 

and jigging outfits money can buy.

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capt. Jason Legg

Jason Legg has been involved in the charter industry and guiding from a very young age. Jason and his father ran Sport fishing charters along the south East Coast of NSW. From the age of 13 Jason started working as crew aboard his fathers boat and obtained his first commercial skippers ticket while he was still in high school.


Jason's dream was to come to Cairns and do a heavy tackle season which he did his first at the age of 18 and from there, he never looked back. He has worked as a fishing guide, crew and now skipper in Cairns ever since. Jason has crewed for some well respected captains such as Dan McCarthy and Chris 'Sharky' Miles doing both light and heavy tackle seasons. He then went on to became head guide for Nomad Sportfishing, (world renowned offshore Sportfishing company). fishing on the remote northern and outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Jason's partner Katie and himself started Topwater Sportfishing charters in 2018. Jason has always wanted to provide the best of both the fishing worlds he fell in love with, by being able run topwater popping and jigging charters as well as chase giant black marlin off cairns. 

Jason has alway been very passionate about fishing as an angler, but he gets the same if not more enjoyment now watching a once in a lifetime fish being caught by someone else. 

Meet The Team


Jason Legg (skipper)


Katie Legg (operations manager)

Finlay Patalano (1st Crewman/photographer)