Light tackle marlin fishing
July - September

Cairns has an excellent juvenile 

black marlin fishery, with the occasional pod of sailfish. The light tackle marlin grounds are close to cairns, making it an ideal option for a day trip or combined day trips, if you are unable to stay on the ocean overnight. 


Fitzroy island is an island situated to the south of Cairns, 45 mins by boat. The island has a 4 star resort, that we can offer packages for you to return from your days fishing to stay on this spectacular island of rainforest, reef and sheltered beaches. From the island the light tackle grounds

are just 15 mins away. 

Light tackle season is great for kids with plenty of by-catch such as Spanish mackerel and tuna to be caught in-between black marlin and sailfish.

Topwater sportfishing are qgfa affiliated and compete in most of north Queensland's billfish 

tournaments. Please don't 

hesitate to contact us if are interested in competing in any of the following tournaments 

Townsville, Innisfail, Fitzroy island, and Yorkeys knob. Special rates apply for tournament charters.

cairns black marlin