Jewell reef & Princess Charlotte Bay explore trips (5-7 days)

Jewell Reef explore trips are an awesome option to really experience what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. topwater casting for GT's, coral trout, red bass, yellow fin tuna and Maori wrasse just to name a few of our common species. then mixed in is some of the best micro jigging grounds we have with big trout, red emperor, job fish, and so many more.

these trips we run are 5 to 7 days with up to 3 guests.

 guests will fly into the famous Lizard Island where we will be waiting for you to board. from there we will be fishing within 20 minutes of leaving the anchorage.

jewell reef is situated 80 miles north of Cooktown, a very untouched and unique reef system offering such diversity of reef species.