Heavy tackle marlin fishing
September - December

Cairns has hands down, the best black marlin grounds in the world. In 1966 the first 1000lb black marlin was caught off the coast of cairns, putting cairns on the map. To this day cairns catches more 1000lb black marlin in 100 days, than the rest of the world catches in one year.

Every year from September 

through to December, these giants migrate up to the reefs from lizard island to cairns before continuing on. 


Cairns uses very unique techniques chasing these giants and the experience is one many fisherman dream of. 

80% is done by trolling dead

baits, such as rigged swimming and skipping baits and the rest with marlin lures attached to 130 pound tackle.

The big girls consistently feed in the afternoons, so mornings are spent catching fresh bait such as scad mackerel, tuna, shark mackerel and rainbow runners, which is great fishing in itself.

Catching a 1000 pound marlin is a bucket list fish for many anglers. 

Live-aboard is the best way to increase your chances of that lifetime fish.  We recommend 3 to 5 days with up to 3 guests, this is the best way to experience this type of fishing. 

Nothing beats waking up to the sunrise of the Great Barrier Reef, having a day out fishing and then enjoying a cheese platter and with a drink in hand, watching the sun set.